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    Solution: Prevent victimization from too many Cc: emails
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    I can’t collaborate with my assistant or my teamwith email LM Duo and Shared Inbox I am afraid todelete mails LM DelayedDelete I receive toomany Cc: mails LM Cc: Protection I can’t find myemails LM InstantArchive I can’t keeptrack of it all LM Plan I feel overwhelmedin general LM Suite I don’t work according to my priorities LM Prioritize I receive too much mail Inbox480
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    All LeanMail modules are designed to be extremely easy to use and with no need for a manual. You can mouse-over any feature to see tip-text that will remind you what functionality it has.



    Each module is affordably priced at just €4.75 per month and bundled modules are even less expensive, so you get extreme efficiency for the price of a coffee.



    Re-thinking and re-designing existing mainstream software products allows our customers to get the most out of what they are already using. We don’t compete with Outlook; instead, we customize it to you it to your needs



    Serving banks, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, IT suppliers, governments and many other security sensitive organizations for over 10 years, has helped us become robust in our awareness and practice of extraordinary attention to security and data protection. We are also GDPA compliant as required by the European Union. Here is a link to our privacy protection statement.

    LeanMail for mobile

    All the LeanMail power in your hands

    Imagine having a personal assistant that separates the essential from the non-essential email, then prioritizes and plans your mails – so that whenever you’re in your inbox you’re always working according to your priorities: urgent matters are always handled before matters that can wait.

    And today, you can do all your prioritizing and planning on your PC or just using your thumb on any iPhone. Come back to the office get to work on what’s most important without having to re-read, re-decide, or clean out your inbox, since Inbox480 has done most of that work anyway. There is a reason why LeanMail is the favorite solution for Fortune 500 Companies.


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